Exercise & Training

In addition to our boarding, we also offer the opportunity to have your horse in training or on an exercise regime. Many of our clients have busy work schedules but do want their horses exercised when they can‘t get to the barn. The majority of our horses are on a regular schedule with us, whether it is once, twice or more a week. We can work along with you to develop a program that best suits you and your horse.

Our exercise program involves us catching your horse, thoroughly grooming him/her, and tacking up. The exercise itself consists of a warm-up routine, a healthy working session (30-45 minutes), and a cool-down time. Following the exercise, the horse is either groomed, hosed down, or sponged, and is then turned back outside to enjoy the rest of his/her day. Any exercise riding is accompanied by a complimentary bridle cleaning.

Our training program is the same as the exercise program, only the exercise portion of the ride is geared towards a specific goal. This goal is worked out together with the owner and the trainer, and may be a short-term goal (such as strengthening exercises or a stronger
top-line) or may be a long-term goal (such as educating the horse in order to be able to move up a level in whatever discipline is desired).

If you decide to take part in our exercise or training programs, you can be certain that you horse will be ridden with competency, education, and respect. Our own goal is to have horses who happily and quietly work for their riders through education and understanding.